SBC         Pastor:  Ken Nickell          (928) 282-7405

Crestview Community Church is a Southern Baptist Church
and we are proud to support one of the largest missionary organizations in the World.

About Our Church:

Crestview is a literal and fundamental, Bible believing church. Let me explain what we mean by literal. We believe that in the original language (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic), God wrote exactly what He meant and used the words He intended when He inspired the Bible to be written through the original authors. Most of the Bible is very straightforward and means exactly what it says and does not need any interpretation. It is true that in some cases it is difficult to get the exact meaning to translate from the original language into modern English but that is why we use multiple translations as well as looking at the meaning in the original language. There are parts of the Bible that are symbolic or are written as analogies or parables but these are indicated in their context and are a small portion of the text. Therefore we always approach the text from a literal perspective unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. The text of the Bible does not need to be changed to adapt to modern culture or ideas. It is the timeless, unchanging, and absolute Truth of God.

When trying to understand any passage of the Bible we first understand its context and then we always use Scripture to interpret Scripture.

We believe… in its original language the Bible is God’s inerrant (without error) and infallible (never wrong, never contradicted by reality) Word in its entirety.

We believe… that Jesus was virgin born of the Holy Spirit and was God in the flesh, completely human and completely God.

We believe… that Jesus died for our sins. When we surrender our lives to Him as our Savior He forgives all our sins (past, present and future) and we are saved forever.

We believe… that Jesus died, was buried, rose to life, ascended to heaven and is coming again.

We believe … Man’s heart is evil and his very nature is to sin. Man’s sinful nature has separated him from a Holy God. There is nothing man can do to restore that realtionship so God sent a Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to reconcile man to God.

We believe … Man must confess that he is a sinner and then repent of his sins and seek God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ in order to be saved.

We believe… that the Holy Spirit lives in us as Christians, teaching us and enabling us to mature spiritually through obedience to God’s Word.

We believe … In the trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. All are God yet all are distinct at the same time.

We believe… God’s word has the answer to every question in life, both spiritual and physical, and is our guide for living our lives—at home, at church, at work . . . everywhere.

The Bible is the only knowledge that makes sense of all of reality
 without contradiction or error.

About Our Church